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Wedge wire filter elements are made of wedge wire screen, which is welded onto rods with stainless steel wedge wire at every contact point. The filter rating is from 15 to 800 microns.

The materials of main filter media are include 304、304L、316、316L、904L、Hastelloy etc.

1)Precision V-type winding wire, with self-cleaning function, easy to clean and backwash, no blocking;
2)Smooth surface without edges and corners, Excellent roundness.
3)Diversified structure and filtration direction, Customized flexibly. From the inside out or from the outside in.
4)High strength, Good rigidity, Strong bearing capacity;
5)Uniform gap, Good permeability;
6)Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, Recyclable.

Food and beverage,
Water treatment filtration.

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