Sintered Filter

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1) Five-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh
2) Customized production
3) MOQ: 1 pc

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The main filter media of Sintered Filter is made by Five-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh, the filter rating ranging from 1μm to 200μm.

1)High strength, Good rigidity, No materials shedding;
2)Uniform pores, Good permeability;
3)High filtering accuracy, Excellent filtering performance;
4)High temperature resistance, Corrosion resistance;
5)Easy to clean, especially suitable for reverse cleaning, Recyclable.

Filtration rate: 1-200μm;
Temperature: -50℃-800℃
Diameter: 14-800mm, Length: 10-1200mm
Customized also is available.

2)Petrochemical, petroleum refining
3)Chemicals and pharmaceutics
4)Food refining or cycling
5)Filtration of pure water and gas

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